Rion Makana

Weekends 10a-3p

Name: Orion Kamahele Bahilot

Hometown: HILO,HI

What do you do when you’re not at work: Jam music

Hobbies: Eat FOOD!, Video games Holoholo akchen!

Music: Fiji, Morgan heritage, Sudden Rush, Damon Williams, Buju Banton… the good kine

Pets: One dog he’s a heeler.

Favorite Food: As long as it taste good I GRIND!

Favorite Beverage: Anything on ice.

Favorite Color: Believe it or not…Purple

Favorite CD: Born & Raised-Fiji

What’s playing on your ipod right now? Daesha-Dee

Most interesting person you’ve met? Mistah Offsiah

Most famous person you’ve met? Jason Scott Lee

Reason I work in Radio? Wanna share the ALOHA with you all…

What would surprise listeners most about you? Come meet me and you’ll find out…LoL