Uncle Jazzy

Weekdays 10am – 3pm

Name: Uncle Jazzy – Program Director

Hometown: Kalaoa, HI, Born Bay Area Ca.

What do you do when you’re not at work: Produce Music / Perform / Competitive Eating

Hobbies: Music : Hoku Award winning Artist / Producer. Drummer for groups like Ehukai, Ho’aikane, Frisco Bay Trio, Magic Sands, Mana, Hawane Rios (percussion) & Lead singer of the Funk Band Bump City. Also just released new RnB cd “Jaz Kaiwiko’o presents Sticky Icky Soul. check for it on mele.com. oh & Im a lifetime Martial Artist.

Pets: Ol English Bulldog ” Dilayla” & Staffordshire Terrier Pit “Broadway”

Favorite Food: Adobo, Poke Bowls, anything Hawaiian or from the sea!! Pork…I have a strange relationship with pork!

Favorite Beverage: Awa , Fiji Water, Raspberry Ice Tea, Hennessy ( I dont drink beer)

Favorite Color: Red & Black

Favorite CD: anything from D’Angelo, Maxwell, The Green, Anthony Hamilton, Morgan Heritage, Sunday Manoa

What’s playing on your ipod right now? Steppas, D’Angelo, Lyfe, my new CD Sticky Icky Soul. Funk Volume’s “Hopsin”

Most interesting person you’ve met? my better half Yuki & my new son whos due March 20th:)

Most famous person you’ve met? I meet celebs regularly. normal peeps to me. But when I meet my maker, is when that will happen.

Reason I work in Radio? 75% of my body is covered in Tatts, including my neck. and I talk too much, may as well get paid for it. plus i love waking people up! im a morning person!!!

What would surprise listeners most about you? I’m a 36 year Martial Artist. A Professor (Red Belt) in Kodenkan Jujitsu & Hawaiian Kenpo. Also a Blue Belt in Nova Uniao Brazilian Jujitsu under Champ Tremaine. fought Bare Knuckle MMA in early 90’s as well as Japanese Shoot Fighting. Also spent two years as a Pro Wrestler. U might have heard me as the Voice of Hawaii MMA cages from 2000-2011. Also, despite my ruffneck look, Im heavily rooted in Hawaiian Culture.